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~ * Heroes * ~

The moon was almost full, and shone so bright and milky white that it lit up the palace grounds almost as light as day. But unlike the colourful royal gardens of the day time, the world at night was completely blue. The soft glow of the moon made everything clear, and Alfred could see perfectly as he wove his way through the hedges – but everything was bathed in blue, as if a veil of colour had been draped over the garden. There was the pale pastel of stone, deep navy of the water in the fountains, and the rich vibrant blue of flowers that had decked themselves out in the colours of Spades just for the night. It was beautiful, and Alfred would have stopped to marvel at how the whole garden seemed to have donned the colours of his kingdom to show its support.

But Alfred had somewhere to be, and he didn’t have time to stop.Read more...Collapse )


Written for warriorseadra for the 2013 Secret Santa Exchange on the USxUK comm. Merry Christmas, warriorseadra! I hope you enjoyed your fic!
And a big thank you to my beta hoshiko2 for doing this for me so close to Christmas!